Bangkok Vice

Bangkok is as filthy as you imagine it is, and much worse, every street has a hustler, every hustler has his game and every game has it’s rules, you will pay for gold and recieve dirt. Bangkok makes you feel dirty for no other reason than being inside of it, breathing it’s air and seeing it’s offerings. Whenever you tell people that you are going to Bangkok, they will warn you of tuk tuks and scams, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into and when you’re in it, you just have to enjoy the ride. Bangkok is the seasoned whore, she has played many a virgin and she won’t stop until she runs out, the problem is she never will, she’s too enticing, exciting and outright sexual, she has an allure that coaxes you in and she will chew you up and spit you out, you’re nothing, just another virgin ripe for the picking. every virgin makes the same mistake but after a short time you slowly emerge, spotting the slut before she spots you, your cherry proudly popped, worn as a badge of honour, a seasoned pro.
























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