Fights, Football, Alcohol & Balloons on Khao San Road

One of the worst things is everybody is trying to get as drunk as possible whilst suffering from delicate egos and trying to maintain a delusional image that they have of themselves.

Chilling on Khao San

I'm struggling to get back into taking pictures for pleasure, I've lost my edge, my eye for detail and a bit of my passion, Its been almost a year since I left the house in search of something to post on this blog, but I'm forcing myself to get back into it. Having been paid … Continue reading Chilling on Khao San

Street Cats & Street Dogs of Thailand

Before packing my bags to Thailand I was aware of the fact that I had next to no jabs, especially the rabies vaccine which can be pretty expensive, I told myself that I wouldn't touch any animals because I'd be screwed if they bit me. Fast forward a few days and I'm picking up every … Continue reading Street Cats & Street Dogs of Thailand

Bangkok Vice

Bangkok is as filthy as you imagine it is, and much worse, every street has a hustler, every hustler has his game and every game has it's rules, you will pay for gold and recieve dirt. Bangkok makes you feel dirty for no other reason than being inside of it, breathing it's air and seeing … Continue reading Bangkok Vice