The secrets behind sexy picasso nfts

I've started a journey into creating and selling NFTs, being a creator and selling your work is always a minefield and finding the right people that want to be a part of what you're doing is without a doubt the hardest element. I am a photographer first and foremost. But looking at the market I … Continue reading The secrets behind sexy picasso nfts

Skux Punk for VICE International Cassette Day

Tasked with shooting a punk rock band in a small music venue in the centre of Auckland City I headed out with little to expect but was rewarded with some wonderful creative talent, free beer and above all else, An ironic gift of a cassette mix tape that I couldn't listen to. The venue Cassette … Continue reading Skux Punk for VICE International Cassette Day

I Had a Good Day at Work

Times as a freelance anything are incredibly difficult at the minute, finding consistent work is challenging, and keeping your nostrils above water is the best you can hope for during a pandemic. That being said, when I do get work I do my best to enjoy it. I could half-ass it and get some easy … Continue reading I Had a Good Day at Work

Vegetarian Festival Face Piercings Phuket

If you have seen me since I returned back from Thailand I have probably shown you my work from the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket. I have been sat on these images for a long time, not knowing what to do with them. If I'm honest I wanted their debut to be in the physical form … Continue reading Vegetarian Festival Face Piercings Phuket

Twenty Minute Shoot with Maddie Nicolau

Lockdown like everybody else, has me itching to do something creative. I spotted a young girl called Maddie yet to start university interested in having some shots done on Facebook so too some time out between finishing work and heading home to take some shots in Manchesters Spinningfields. When shooting (with no equipment except my … Continue reading Twenty Minute Shoot with Maddie Nicolau

Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

I've recently had a serious craving to create something in my photography. I have been working in a white studio with amateur models for over a year now. As much as I can enjoy my work in the studio, I have developed a series of poses depending on the demographic and run through them like … Continue reading Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

Piha the Black Sand Beach of Auckland

Two or so hours drive west of Auckland you can find one of New Zealand's famous black sand beaches in a place named "Piha". Despite the obvious touristy location there is a noticeable lack of the usual tourist trappings in the area. Whether that's because the local government are against building on the natural land … Continue reading Piha the Black Sand Beach of Auckland

Living for the Weekend and Nothing Much Else

That title is kinda catchy, You could print it on a T-Shirt or title your next album with it, you have my permission, just ensure to send me a giant sum of money when you do. Being back in Manchester is exactly what I expected, whenever I live here I end up poor, wasting my … Continue reading Living for the Weekend and Nothing Much Else

Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

The Auckland races is the Grand National for New Zealand, minus the inevitable horse deaths thanks to the lack of hedge jumping. As is the case with all horse racing events, it's an excuse for women to wear stupid hats and for everybody to get drunk in the sun. Not to mention a way to … Continue reading Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

Guest Post: Chiang Mai in Black and White Film

Chiang Mai is one of the most interesting places I've had the pleasure of visiting. Whilst travelling S/E Asia I had the fortune of being able to work remotely for a company in New Zealand. Often times I would appreciate being alone whilst working which can be difficult when you're in a new place and … Continue reading Guest Post: Chiang Mai in Black and White Film

Koko X Manchester

I met Koko at my part-time job at Overbridge Studio. She came in for a test shoot and I had to ask her to work with me on some street shoots. When I met her she was throwing out her own original poses unlike the usual bore that relies on me for instruction. I've never … Continue reading Koko X Manchester

Studio Practice with Raisah Jay

I have recently been working with a wonderful woman named Rai with her MUA/Model friend Chloe as an attempt at creating interesting images for our portfolios. I am really new to studio photography so this TFP (Time for Prints) arrangement we have suits me perfectly. Whilst I think I have the capabilities to charge people … Continue reading Studio Practice with Raisah Jay

The Food of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Thetsakan kin che or "The Vegetarian Festival" is celebrated all over Thailand, but not as intensely as it is in Phuket. For nine days the majority of the island is vegetarian. Everybody is dressed in white and the temples are heaving with prayers and the occasional sound of firecrackers. Before I post about the more … Continue reading The Food of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Imagination | Vietnamese Lantern Maker | Movie-Poster-Sized Print | Limited (25)

Limited to 25 copies, this movie-poster sized print is made from the highest quality glossy printing paper. This is only available in the UK.

This image invokes a sense of hope. Despite the beauty in the lanterns surrounding this man, it’s clear that he is imagining a better place for himself, a better life.

In my experience; it doesn’t matter where you go, what you earn or who you are, there is always something better in your imagination.