I Didn’t Shoot an Illegal Party During Lockdown

If anybody asks, it wasn't me, I wasn't there. I actually lent my camera to a friend who then lent it to another friend before I got the camera back and saw these pictures. I don't know anybody here. I didn't get fed amazing vegan goat curry and vegan fried chicken. The police didn't arrive … Continue reading I Didn’t Shoot an Illegal Party During Lockdown

Living for the Weekend and Nothing Much Else

That title is kinda catchy, You could print it on a T-Shirt or title your next album with it, you have my permission, just ensure to send me a giant sum of money when you do. Being back in Manchester is exactly what I expected, whenever I live here I end up poor, wasting my … Continue reading Living for the Weekend and Nothing Much Else

Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

The Auckland races is the Grand National for New Zealand, minus the inevitable horse deaths thanks to the lack of hedge jumping. As is the case with all horse racing events, it's an excuse for women to wear stupid hats and for everybody to get drunk in the sun. Not to mention a way to … Continue reading Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

RBSS X Vice was 🔥🔥🔥

Vice and Red Bull Teamed up to put on one hell of a show, with free socks as you walk in, plenty of Red Bull Vodkas to drink and LE1F headlining the night, everything was set for a LIT night. I was tasked with getting a few shots of people holding socks which I figured … Continue reading RBSS X Vice was 🔥🔥🔥

I Went to a Drug Fueled 18th in West Auckland

I met T pictured above in the streets of Auckland at around 3am on a Friday night, he was walking towards me with blood dripping down his head and I was walking towards him with my camera in my hand. I knew I was going to get a picture of him but what I didn't … Continue reading I Went to a Drug Fueled 18th in West Auckland

Maori Clubs are Underrated

Most people go to clubs for one of three reasons: To get laid, to get drunk, or to innocently dance. I tend to only be interested in observing the chaos of these three interest groups collide.  I recently ended up in a Maori club on K'road (Le Box) and couldn't have been happier. Everybody changes … Continue reading Maori Clubs are Underrated

The Dune Rats Levi’s X Vice Party Video is Finally Up!

Eddy Fifield is the man behind the Team Dynamite video "Cosmos". Below you'll find him between two members of Team Dynamite at the Pacific Island Music Awards after accepting their "Best Video" recognition in a picture I took backstage. I've met Eddy a couple of times now thanks to Vice, Levis and the Dune Rats. We … Continue reading The Dune Rats Levi’s X Vice Party Video is Finally Up!

A Messy Auckland Evening

You know what's not a great idea? Drinking two bottles of wine before stepping outside to begin drinking. You know what is a great idea? Documenting the night with a camera when your legs barely function. It was my plan to take the night off from shooting and purposefully left my camera behind. but when … Continue reading A Messy Auckland Evening

Bangkok Vice

Bangkok is as filthy as you imagine it is, and much worse, every street has a hustler, every hustler has his game and every game has it's rules, you will pay for gold and recieve dirt. Bangkok makes you feel dirty for no other reason than being inside of it, breathing it's air and seeing … Continue reading Bangkok Vice