Quick Shoot with Shaley (Miss Hamilton)

I met Shaley during a test shoot with a model management company I often freelance for. Shaley's energy was absolutely infectious, she was super fun in the shoot and looked great doing it so I asked if she'd like to shoot with me again. I met up with her outside a pub in Manchester and … Continue reading Quick Shoot with Shaley (Miss Hamilton)

5-HTP and Me

Relationships are fleeting, friendship is the new family. New faces are hard to come by, joy is a slight grasp of air. Hangovers can feel pointless unless the misery is shared. Fun can be hard to find when you're locked inside your own mind. Locked inside four walls with the meta and real. It's too … Continue reading 5-HTP and Me

Where do you wake up?

Walking around Manchester at 5am Sunday morning I figured I'd do something unusually productive and take some pictures using my Minolta camera with Kodak ISO 400 film. I started taking pictures of objects and buildings before I noticed a few lifeless bodies lying around Piccadilly Gardens. The only people around that weren't finishing their night … Continue reading Where do you wake up?

Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

I've recently had a serious craving to create something in my photography. I have been working in a white studio with amateur models for over a year now. As much as I can enjoy my work in the studio, I have developed a series of poses depending on the demographic and run through them like … Continue reading Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

The Auckland races is the Grand National for New Zealand, minus the inevitable horse deaths thanks to the lack of hedge jumping. As is the case with all horse racing events, it's an excuse for women to wear stupid hats and for everybody to get drunk in the sun. Not to mention a way to … Continue reading Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

Fights, Football, Alcohol & Balloons on Khao San Road

One of the worst things is everybody is trying to get as drunk as possible whilst suffering from delicate egos and trying to maintain a delusional image that they have of themselves.

I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

My friend Rohanna had been pestering me for months to buy a ticket to the Meshuggah/Thy Art is Murder gig and I kept telling her that I was definitely going to buy one (I didn't). The day of the gig finally came and I figured I actually wanted to go. I messaged a couple of … Continue reading I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

Maori Clubs are Underrated

Most people go to clubs for one of three reasons: To get laid, to get drunk, or to innocently dance. I tend to only be interested in observing the chaos of these three interest groups collide.  I recently ended up in a Maori club on K'road (Le Box) and couldn't have been happier. Everybody changes … Continue reading Maori Clubs are Underrated

A Messy Auckland Evening

You know what's not a great idea? Drinking two bottles of wine before stepping outside to begin drinking. You know what is a great idea? Documenting the night with a camera when your legs barely function. It was my plan to take the night off from shooting and purposefully left my camera behind. but when … Continue reading A Messy Auckland Evening

Poles, Filth and Beer: Patong is a Paradise.

Everybody loves a skilled stripper, whether they're polishing a metal pole with their crotch or peeling paint off a surface, everybody can appreciate effort when they see it. I thought at the time that Bangkok was the seediest place in the world, but I was wrong, Patong outshines Bangkok in every sense. From Ping Pong … Continue reading Poles, Filth and Beer: Patong is a Paradise.

Stupid, Drunk, Sunburned and Burnt

Getting older you doubt yourself, you think, 'am I still cool'? The worst way to test this is to get completely fucked up after spending an entire day in the Thai sun, joining in a fire dancers fire limbo and standing up when you're half way through. He wasn't cool, he was an old fool … Continue reading Stupid, Drunk, Sunburned and Burnt

Bangkok Vice

Bangkok is as filthy as you imagine it is, and much worse, every street has a hustler, every hustler has his game and every game has it's rules, you will pay for gold and recieve dirt. Bangkok makes you feel dirty for no other reason than being inside of it, breathing it's air and seeing … Continue reading Bangkok Vice

Why Do You Bring That Fucking Camera on Every Night Out?

I've always been into photography but only over the past couple of years have I taken to the pursuit of quality images. I adore street photographers and I often find myself on the streets trying my hand at capturing small stories and brief glimpses of individual personalities when I can. Whilst being in my home … Continue reading Why Do You Bring That Fucking Camera on Every Night Out?