Auckland Pride Parade was Lit

I expected Auckland pride to be underwhelming, Auckland Pride failed to disappoint.                                       Photos taken on K'Road, Ponsonby Road and Family Bar.  

I’m Shit at Shooting Food

I've been asked a few times to shoot food and every time I shit it, I rarely focus on the still aspects of life, I like my subject to be moving, my light to be changing, I like a challenge. The problem is I have huge blank spots in my photographic repertoire. I have such … Continue reading I’m Shit at Shooting Food

Bangkok Vice

Bangkok is as filthy as you imagine it is, and much worse, every street has a hustler, every hustler has his game and every game has it's rules, you will pay for gold and recieve dirt. Bangkok makes you feel dirty for no other reason than being inside of it, breathing it's air and seeing … Continue reading Bangkok Vice

Digital Photography Fuck Ups Are Unmistakeably Art

Getting drunk as fuck in Manchester's Northern Quarter on a Wednesday evening is generally a bad idea, most of the bars are dead and you have to face 8 hours of torture the following day questioning the meaning of existence and if the inventor of fluorescent lights had yet been brutally murdered. I plan to … Continue reading Digital Photography Fuck Ups Are Unmistakeably Art