Chilling on Khao San

I’m struggling to get back into taking pictures for pleasure, I’ve lost my edge, my eye for detail and a bit of my passion, Its been almost a year since I left the house in search of something to post on this blog, but I’m forcing myself to get back into it. Having been paid to take pictures and having had people emulate and devalue my work takes away the hobbyist passion I came to develop. I’ve been wanting to get back on a plane and explore for that whole time. In the past year I met a wonderful woman who I want to show the allure that is Thailand. What better place to get back into the passion of capturing beauty than in South East Asia?

Landing in Bangkok is always exciting, you never know who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to see when strolling the loud, brightly lit Khao San road. Having spent so long in Auckland I just wanted to get loose and party for a couple of days, to shake the stress of daily life in one of the worlds most expensive cities, which I managed to do. Drinking buckets, walking the streets with giant Chang beers in hand, eating Pad Thai from scooter-stalls, inhaling NOS from funky balloons getting a massage in the street and meeting fellow travellers is a great way to shake off the built up tension from the past couple of years.

Having been here before, I lacked fervour in capturing the unusual as it has become slightly usual, I have previously spent 2 months in Thailand which is enough time to soak in the cultural differences so I’m not exactly mind bent on the unfamiliar. But I can feel myself picking up my camera on the daily hoping to get at least one good picture.

Below are a few shots I captured from an evening in Bangkok, passionate pictures incoming within the next few days.

Peace x

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