I hung out with Parson James and he just watched his music videos for an hour

Making great music and wearing cool clothes doesn’t mean you know how to have a good time.

Parson James-4

A while back I was invited to a private Vice party celebrating the opening of a new office (or something to that effect). I brought my friend Taylor with me. Within the office stood a huge TV with a PS4 attached, a bunch of Mac computers, a pool table and a white telephone box. The telephone box had been from a previous VICELAND launch party where it was freshly painted white at the sat alone in a room, surrounding it were nipple-high shelves with the occasional sharpie sat upon it coaxing attendees into writing their pearls of wisdom upon it’s pristine white walls. I wrote ‘Piss Flaps’ on a window and patted myself on the back.

This more recent launch party wasn’t public and had a few local and international musicians and artists attending including some tall boys from ‘Leisure‘ and Parson James.

When we arrived, Taylor and I were 2 of 6 people and the place was pretty much dry.

Taylor and I got speaking to Parson not really knowing who he was, he was wearing a long flowing shirt and a cowboy hat. We drank a few beers and spoke about music. The party ended pretty abruptly and we were now on the streets of Auckland on a typical shitty weekday, everywhere on K’Road was closed including the bottle shops and it was, at the latest, 11pm.

We hung outside of the Vice office with Parson and his ‘Manager’ a young woman that appeared to be both his mother and his fan-girl captor, directing him and us where to go and what to do whilst hugging Parson at any opportunity and giving him praise when needed. We all decided it was a good idea to head to James’ accommodation and party from there. When we arrived, Taylor and I were 2 of 6 people and the place was pretty much dry.

Mine and Taylor’s dismissive attitude towards Parson’s (Parson? James?) accomplishments were obviously rubbing him the wrong way as it took him only a few minutes before he had loaded up Youtube on the TV and started playing his music. For whatever reason, lets blame the beer, we still didn’t understand who he was as he had put on the original verison of his song. Watching this version of this song I had to ask if he was religious, he said he wasn’t, he just liked the imagery of crosses and shit. I thought we were under the roof of some christian preacher based on his clothes and his music video. I told Parson that I kind of recognised the vocals but wasn’t sure of the song, that’s when he gave in and played the Kygo remix and it finally dawned on us that this guy had actually got some decent radio time.

Parson James-2

At this point you would expect him to turn something he didn’t create on and go onto to socialising, but that wasn’t the case, he sat there for what seemed like an hour, picking out Youtube music videos he had been a part of and dissecting them for us. Eventually the place was fully dry and his wife/girlfriend/mother/manager told us, and I’m not joking, that it was Parson’s bed time and that we had to go. We sat outside with Parson and finished the beer and had a smoke before booking an Uber and fucking off home. We should have hung out with Leisure instead.

Parson James-3

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