Small Venues Are Still The Future of Music

Am I losing it? Did I ever have it? What is ‘it’? I feel that I have to have something to say to constitute creating a blog post, but I’ve given up. I’ve been spending a lot of time on other peoples images and editing for myself is slowly losing the taste of appeal. So after spending a few days mulling over an Oatmeal comic comparing creativity to breathing I decided to post more often, focusing on my most recent images with the occasional throwback, nobody reads my blog for the words anyway.
Anyway, there’s nothing quite like a gig in a small venue with an unknown band playing. At a giant concert hall you’re likely to bump into people who never get out, the kind of people not used to the presence of strangers, to get upset when their personal space is compromised, the kind that consider ‘guitar music’ the only music worth listening to, despite having never listened to anything the TV or radio didn’t pre-approve. Fuck those guys.
The people at the small gigs and venues are the taste-makers, they’re the ones deciding if anybody should be paying any attention, they’re the ones deciding if a band is amazing or awful, there and then, not ratings, not a cancerous comment section, just raw physical gratification with instant validation.
 Here’s some images that I took in Auckland at a local gig at Ding Dong Lounge a few weeks ago.









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