I’m Shit at Shooting Food

I’ve been asked a few times to shoot food and every time I shit it, I rarely focus on the still aspects of life, I like my subject to be moving, my light to be changing, I like a challenge. The problem is I have huge blank spots in my photographic repertoire. I have such an abysmal lacking in experience with so many variations of photography that I need to start upping my game. I’ve worked very little with asking people to pose, with macros, landscapes and numerous other disciplines. It only recently dawned on me with my last few stints with food, I found that people being wasted with flashing lights and loud music in the background was easier than shooting a piece of meat between two buns (lul).
I’m planning on experimenting with different styles of shooting and hopefully find a new passion project in the meantime. My passion never seems to lie where the money is.
Below are some of my recent attempts at shooting food, they’re intended for social media channels mainly so I’ve allowed some creative colouring in post but I still have a lot to learn. My main issue is my piece of shit flash and my lack of options regarding my lens’, I’m soon to buy a wider lens (fixed 35mm) and a better suited flash which will provide a softer glow on close up subjects.







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