Quick Shoot with Shaley (Miss Hamilton)

I met Shaley during a test shoot with a model management company I often freelance for. Shaley's energy was absolutely infectious, she was super fun in the shoot and looked great doing it so I asked if she'd like to shoot with me again. I met up with her outside a pub in Manchester and … Continue reading Quick Shoot with Shaley (Miss Hamilton)

Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

I've recently had a serious craving to create something in my photography. I have been working in a white studio with amateur models for over a year now. As much as I can enjoy my work in the studio, I have developed a series of poses depending on the demographic and run through them like … Continue reading Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

RBSS X Vice was 🔥🔥🔥

Vice and Red Bull Teamed up to put on one hell of a show, with free socks as you walk in, plenty of Red Bull Vodkas to drink and LE1F headlining the night, everything was set for a LIT night. I was tasked with getting a few shots of people holding socks which I figured … Continue reading RBSS X Vice was 🔥🔥🔥

Auckland Pride Parade was Lit

I expected Auckland pride to be underwhelming, Auckland Pride failed to disappoint.                                       Photos taken on K'Road, Ponsonby Road and Family Bar.  

Small Venues Are Still The Future of Music

Am I losing it? Did I ever have it? What is 'it'? I feel that I have to have something to say to constitute creating a blog post, but I've given up. I've been spending a lot of time on other peoples images and editing for myself is slowly losing the taste of appeal. So … Continue reading Small Venues Are Still The Future of Music

Auckland’s Underground Music Scene is Thriving

On Friday I met with an English friend whom I met in Brisbane when I first arrived in Aus, he's been in Auckland a short while and has already slipped himself into the NZ music scene, inviting us to a gig his friends were playing at we found ourselves in the heart of the Auckland … Continue reading Auckland’s Underground Music Scene is Thriving