Brissies have better music taste than Mancunians

I am basing this realisation solely on the gig I went to last night. Last year in Manchester I saw La Dispute play, with Pianos Become the Teeth supporting.

La Dispute are a post-hardcore punk band with the vocalist Jordan Dreyer paying impressive attention to detail to his heart-wrenching story driven lyrics. You could summarise them as “Emo” but Emo is a dirty word this day in age, synonymous with floppy black hair, cut wrists and boys wearing make-up, La Dispute are none of those things (well possibly the cut wrists if the stories told by Jordan Dreyer were your actual existence). La Dispute is the the sort of band that starts a movement of music, they are bold, different, edgy and talented.  I can see them being heralded as a first to do what it is they do, they are true artists.

When they played their only gig that year in Manchester they played to a group of around 200 people, last night on the other hand in Brisbane they played to 900, and that was their second gig in Brisbane that week, they were supported by Balance and Composure, who played the better show due to the fact that the lead vocalist of La Dispute had lost his voice.

Mancunians at the minute tend to be leaning strongly towards electro music, which isn’t a bad thing, I can enjoy a quality wobble-n-drop now and again. Although it’s nice to know that I listen to music because I enjoy it and not to fit into a scene, it would occasionally be appreciated if a fellow Manc knew who the fuck I was talking about when they ask me who my favourite musical artists are.

All in all the gig was fantastic, it was both of the bands last gig of their tour and they seemed sentimental and emotional about having to go home which really added something to the night. Donna and I managed to pick up official B&C shirts for $15 as they were trying to sell them all before heading home. This post was obviously based on no actual facts and is 100% biased, but to add a further point Lethal Weapon 4 is the greatest film ever made and if you think otherwise; shut up.

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