Snippets of the Streets

Humans are an interesting species, they all think that they know something special that another human doesn't, the problem is that they can never agree who knows and who doesn't. Every human differs, both physically and ideologically, they all have good parts and bad parts to their personalities, sometimes personalities and ideologies clash and arguments … Continue reading Snippets of the Streets

Halloween, Christmas and Hot Tubs

Halloween is the easiest holiday ever, and that's what makes it so fucking awesome. I bought a giant red dress from a charity shop and the shop next door was selling really cheap Christmas stuff, $30 and 10 minutes later I could strut my stuff and ruin Christmas for any child I met. 2019 Update: … Continue reading Halloween, Christmas and Hot Tubs

I Went to Australia’s Largest Colour Festival

Right before G20 kicked off Brisbane hosted the largest colour festival in Australia, a few people said it was the biggest in the world but Oz keeps claiming it has the largest of things and whenever I Google them it turns out to be wrong. The festival was focusing on multiculturalism with each musician coming … Continue reading I Went to Australia’s Largest Colour Festival

Post Work Drinks in Honour of Socialism or Something

2019 Update: I don't know why this post has no words, I probably uploaded them drunk, considering the quality of the images this wouldn't surprise me. Side note: I remember this being a great night with great company.

Halloween Themed Office Decorations

At Careers Australia, once a month each team is encouraged to decorate their pods based on a season theme, this month it was Halloween and our team decided to go full Walking Dead. With a budget of 0 Dollars and not too much time to spend on setting them up, you can forgive the amateurish … Continue reading Halloween Themed Office Decorations

My Love For Indoor Car Parks Part Deus

The second and last set of photos of car parks in Brisbane as I no longer live there, I only created this series to test my new camera but I've learned that I prefer night photography over day photography and I love the rigidness of urban areas, if I can make car parks look interesting … Continue reading My Love For Indoor Car Parks Part Deus

QLD Confidants (Photos)

I met so many great people during my stay in Brisbane, most of them were the friendliest, happiest, most intriguing and creative people I have ever met in my life. I wish I could have known them for longer but the curse of travelling is you meet amazing people and you always have to say … Continue reading QLD Confidants (Photos)

My Love For Indoor Car Parks

I have recently developed a liking for skating in and the photographing of numerous indoor car parks across Brisbane, the subject matter is grey, concrete, dull, boring and simply serving of a necessary purpose of placing vehicles in a temporary stasis. I'm drawn to these building because accessing them is incredibly easy, the floors are … Continue reading My Love For Indoor Car Parks

I Went to Oz Comic-Con and it Sucked Balls (Photos)

This weekend I decided to go to my first Comic-Con, I have never been a huge comic book fan, I did used to read The Beano and I also used to borrow graphic novels from the library which I enjoyed but never once did I buy a Spider-Man/Batman/Superman comic when I was a kid, of course I … Continue reading I Went to Oz Comic-Con and it Sucked Balls (Photos)

A Short Trip With Nick Jones

On Saturday our friend Nick Jones started a new job driving a Green Taxi. Apart from having to put down a large deposit on the bike (no jumping them off ramps) they seem like the perfect job for backpackers, getting healthy and meeting new people. Nick invited me and Donna to take a ride on … Continue reading A Short Trip With Nick Jones

Brissies have better music taste than Mancunians

I am basing this realisation solely on the gig I went to last night. Last year in Manchester I saw La Dispute play, with Pianos Become the Teeth supporting. La Dispute are a post-hardcore punk band with the vocalist Jordan Dreyer paying impressive attention to detail to his heart-wrenching story driven lyrics. You could summarise them as "Emo" … Continue reading Brissies have better music taste than Mancunians

Metal/Punk Bands Fucking Love Koalas

2019 Edit: I appear to have lost these images, something I didn't realise I had done. Oops. They weren't very good anyway. Who knew? Me and Donna went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which was fucking awesome albeit slightly expensive ($33 entry and $16 for a photo opportunity with a Koala). We got to hold a Koala, … Continue reading Metal/Punk Bands Fucking Love Koalas