Covid is Hitting Thailand’s Dog Shelters Hard

Whilst living in Phuket I had the fortune of visiting one of the island’s largest dog sanctuaries. As you can imagine Thailand is home to a lot of stray pups, known as “Soi Dogs” (Street dogs).

I recently contacted Tina the owner of Bodhi Shelter and asked her how she is getting along with Covid changing the whole world. She told me how the shelter was really struggling financially with a lack of tourists being allowed to travel in and around Thailand.

I asked if there was anything I could do to help before remembering that I had hundreds of great photos from my visit there. I proposed that I publish them on my social media and stir up some awareness of the financial difficulties in hopes that some people would donate money.

One of the dogs at the shelter had suffered from mange so badly that their fur had completely shedded and all that remained were open sores and scabs. Tina nursed the dog back to something more recognisable and now she is the most loyal dog of the pack. Fighting off anybody that gives Tina any attention.

Almost all of the dogs have their own stories, names, backgrounds and Tina knows all of them. The amount of love and effort that she has put into caring for these unwanted pups shouldn’t go ignored and I’ve never met anybody with the same level of passion she has for caring for our canine friends.

If like any human you have a soft spot for panting puppers, show them you care with a donation to the shelter. Alternatively, if you really wanted to go the extra mile, you could contact Tina yourself and adopt a Thai Street Dog and have them sent to you by air.

It’s not a simple process for obvious reasons and may be much harder in Covid times, but I’m sure a four-legged-amigo would appreciate a new forever-home.

A picture of the extreme case of mange a few short months before my arrival

The same dog looking a lot healthier

Adopt a dog from Bodhi Shelter

Donate to Bodhi Shelter (USD)

Donate to Bodhi Shelter (GBP)

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