She Loves You

I miss gigs as much as anybody does. But specifically, I miss going to gigs in New Zealand, It really felt like a little club of alternative-music lovers. It felt underground and real. Everybody knew each other in some capacity but new-comers were welcomed with open arms. Pictured below are the incredibly sexy and talented … Continue reading She Loves You

Piha the Black Sand Beach of Auckland

Two or so hours drive west of Auckland you can find one of New Zealand's famous black sand beaches in a place named "Piha". Despite the obvious touristy location there is a noticeable lack of the usual tourist trappings in the area. Whether that's because the local government are against building on the natural land … Continue reading Piha the Black Sand Beach of Auckland

Landing in New Zealand

When I first arrived in New Zealand, I hated it. Auckland was raining and cold and the hostel I arrived at felt like it had been built from old wooden pallets. Draughty, no heating and sharing a room with four others on what felt like a prisoners mattress, I was miserable after having spent 2 … Continue reading Landing in New Zealand

I Was Let Down by the K’Road Circus

In December last year I was informed K'Road was planning a street circus, somebody had told me that it only happens every couple of years so I was stoked, assuming it was something I had only one opportunity of seeing with me leaving Auckland in a few months. I had already stayed in Auckland for … Continue reading I Was Let Down by the K’Road Circus

I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

My friend Rohanna had been pestering me for months to buy a ticket to the Meshuggah/Thy Art is Murder gig and I kept telling her that I was definitely going to buy one (I didn't). The day of the gig finally came and I figured I actually wanted to go. I messaged a couple of … Continue reading I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

The $100 Pot Brownie

Buying $100 worth of weed and sticking it in a brownie is both ambitious and downright sensible. Fortunately I live with a Colombian couple who both have worked in the food industry and know how to whip up some good eats, so when my flatmate suggested buying a ton of weed and sticking it in … Continue reading The $100 Pot Brownie

Maori Clubs are Underrated

Most people go to clubs for one of three reasons: To get laid, to get drunk, or to innocently dance. I tend to only be interested in observing the chaos of these three interest groups collide.  I recently ended up in a Maori club on K'road (Le Box) and couldn't have been happier. Everybody changes … Continue reading Maori Clubs are Underrated

I Joined the Media Circle-Jerk that is the Pacific Island Music Awards

A writer friend of mine invited me to join her at the Pacific Music awards show, what I didn't realise is that she wanted me to shoot for Remix magazine so instead of being a co-operative freelancer I captured the absurdity that was a media-circus, I still took shots that she asked of me but … Continue reading I Joined the Media Circle-Jerk that is the Pacific Island Music Awards

Drowning Pool X Armed in Advance

This blog is now fully endorsed and sponsored by Armed in Advance™ any and all opinions will be pre-approved by AiA™ and all profits (LOL) will be filtered through the Armed in Advance™ team.    I'm joking obviously but I appear to be fan-girling AiA considering I've covered them three times now. Their most recent gig was the biggest … Continue reading Drowning Pool X Armed in Advance

The Dune Rats Levi’s X Vice Party Video is Finally Up!

Eddy Fifield is the man behind the Team Dynamite video "Cosmos". Below you'll find him between two members of Team Dynamite at the Pacific Island Music Awards after accepting their "Best Video" recognition in a picture I took backstage. I've met Eddy a couple of times now thanks to Vice, Levis and the Dune Rats. We … Continue reading The Dune Rats Levi’s X Vice Party Video is Finally Up!

I Shot The Vice X Levi’s Launch Party in Auckland

I was honoured to be invited to shoot the NZ Vice party, shooting+Vice is very much me in my happy place. To polish it off there was free Budweiser and Tequila, I couldn't find the guy handing out the free Levi's unfortunately but he was definitely in there somewhere. Vice managed to source the coolest … Continue reading I Shot The Vice X Levi’s Launch Party in Auckland

A Messy Auckland Evening

You know what's not a great idea? Drinking two bottles of wine before stepping outside to begin drinking. You know what is a great idea? Documenting the night with a camera when your legs barely function. It was my plan to take the night off from shooting and purposefully left my camera behind. but when … Continue reading A Messy Auckland Evening

I’m Shit at Shooting Food

I've been asked a few times to shoot food and every time I shit it, I rarely focus on the still aspects of life, I like my subject to be moving, my light to be changing, I like a challenge. The problem is I have huge blank spots in my photographic repertoire. I have such … Continue reading I’m Shit at Shooting Food

I Shot a Strip Club for Vice (NSFW)

I got really lucky somehow, I emailed Vice a couple of old images and told them I wanted to work for them. Somehow I convinced them I could take a decent snap and they asked me to shoot a strip club for an upcoming article about NZ's only female Strip Club owner by the wonderful … Continue reading I Shot a Strip Club for Vice (NSFW)