She Loves You

I miss gigs as much as anybody does. But specifically, I miss going to gigs in New Zealand, It really felt like a little club of alternative-music lovers. It felt underground and real. Everybody knew each other in some capacity but new-comers were welcomed with open arms. Pictured below are the incredibly sexy and talented … Continue reading She Loves You

I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

My friend Rohanna had been pestering me for months to buy a ticket to the Meshuggah/Thy Art is Murder gig and I kept telling her that I was definitely going to buy one (I didn't). The day of the gig finally came and I figured I actually wanted to go. I messaged a couple of … Continue reading I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

Drowning Pool X Armed in Advance

This blog is now fully endorsed and sponsored by Armed in Advance™ any and all opinions will be pre-approved by AiA™ and all profits (LOL) will be filtered through the Armed in Advance™ team.    I'm joking obviously but I appear to be fan-girling AiA considering I've covered them three times now. Their most recent gig was the biggest … Continue reading Drowning Pool X Armed in Advance