Imagination | Vietnamese Lantern Maker | Movie-Poster-Sized Print | Limited (25)

Limited to 25 copies, this movie-poster sized print is made from the highest quality glossy printing paper. This is only available in the UK. This image invokes a sense of hope. Despite the beauty in the lanterns surrounding this man, it’s clear that he is imagining a better place for himself, a better life. In my experience; it doesn’t matter where you go, what you earn or who you are, there is always something better in your imagination.

Street Cats & Street Dogs of Thailand

Before packing my bags to Thailand I was aware of the fact that I had next to no jabs, especially the rabies vaccine which can be pretty expensive, I told myself that I wouldn't touch any animals because I'd be screwed if they bit me. Fast forward a few days and I'm picking up every … Continue reading Street Cats & Street Dogs of Thailand

Tums Elephant Santuary Tour in Chiang Mai is Worth Every Baht

Donna and I knew we wanted to see elephants in Thailand, the problem was finding somewhere ethical, we didn't want to ride an elephant but we did want to get close, riding an elephant is one step away from using them as circus animals and it's cruel as fuck, they're beautiful intelligent creatures that deserve … Continue reading Tums Elephant Santuary Tour in Chiang Mai is Worth Every Baht