Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

The Auckland races is the Grand National for New Zealand, minus the inevitable horse deaths thanks to the lack of hedge jumping. As is the case with all horse racing events, it's an excuse for women to wear stupid hats and for everybody to get drunk in the sun. Not to mention a way to … Continue reading Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

A Narcissist Abroad

“Who hasn't asked himself, am I a monster or is this what it means to be human?” ~ Clarice Lispector, The Hour of the Star, 1977 For the past few years I've been coming to terms with and trying to fight against the fact that I am a narcissist, I think I'm more important than other … Continue reading A Narcissist Abroad

"People Need To Stop Staring At Screens"

  Uttered by a 30 year old English guy in my room at a hostel in Melbourne, he gave me a lovely lecture about how "people these days don't talk, they just stare at their screens, the other day I was on a train smiling at somebody trying to sell hello and they just replied … Continue reading "People Need To Stop Staring At Screens"

Halloween, Christmas and Hot Tubs

Halloween is the easiest holiday ever, and that's what makes it so fucking awesome. I bought a giant red dress from a charity shop and the shop next door was selling really cheap Christmas stuff, $30 and 10 minutes later I could strut my stuff and ruin Christmas for any child I met. 2019 Update: … Continue reading Halloween, Christmas and Hot Tubs

Post Work Drinks in Honour of Socialism or Something

2019 Update: I don't know why this post has no words, I probably uploaded them drunk, considering the quality of the images this wouldn't surprise me. Side note: I remember this being a great night with great company.

QLD Confidants (Photos)

I met so many great people during my stay in Brisbane, most of them were the friendliest, happiest, most intriguing and creative people I have ever met in my life. I wish I could have known them for longer but the curse of travelling is you meet amazing people and you always have to say … Continue reading QLD Confidants (Photos)