Quick Shoot with Shaley (Miss Hamilton)

I met Shaley during a test shoot with a model management company I often freelance for. Shaley's energy was absolutely infectious, she was super fun in the shoot and looked great doing it so I asked if she'd like to shoot with me again. I met up with her outside a pub in Manchester and … Continue reading Quick Shoot with Shaley (Miss Hamilton)

I Had a Good Day at Work

Times as a freelance anything are incredibly difficult at the minute, finding consistent work is challenging, and keeping your nostrils above water is the best you can hope for during a pandemic. That being said, when I do get work I do my best to enjoy it. I could half-ass it and get some easy … Continue reading I Had a Good Day at Work

Twenty Minute Shoot with Maddie Nicolau

Lockdown like everybody else, has me itching to do something creative. I spotted a young girl called Maddie yet to start university interested in having some shots done on Facebook so too some time out between finishing work and heading home to take some shots in Manchesters Spinningfields. When shooting (with no equipment except my … Continue reading Twenty Minute Shoot with Maddie Nicolau

Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

I've recently had a serious craving to create something in my photography. I have been working in a white studio with amateur models for over a year now. As much as I can enjoy my work in the studio, I have developed a series of poses depending on the demographic and run through them like … Continue reading Late Night Karaoke at K2 with Helena Smythe

TOYEN – I Shot A Student Fashion Exhibition

Had you asked me last month how likely it was that I would find myself interested in fashion photography I probably would have responded negatively with how difficult it can be to get into. What I hadn't expected is that I would be shooting dozens of people a week in a studio as regular work. … Continue reading TOYEN – I Shot A Student Fashion Exhibition

RBSS X Vice was 🔥🔥🔥

Vice and Red Bull Teamed up to put on one hell of a show, with free socks as you walk in, plenty of Red Bull Vodkas to drink and LE1F headlining the night, everything was set for a LIT night. I was tasked with getting a few shots of people holding socks which I figured … Continue reading RBSS X Vice was 🔥🔥🔥

Chiang Mai is a Paradise

If Bangkok is a whore then Chiang Mai is the religious sister who ran away to follow her faith, with 300 temples in the city limits it's impossible to walk anywhere without Buddhism crossing your path. Every street has several temples, every other building has it's own personal shrine to Buddha that they provide with fresh food … Continue reading Chiang Mai is a Paradise

Why Do You Bring That Fucking Camera on Every Night Out?

I've always been into photography but only over the past couple of years have I taken to the pursuit of quality images. I adore street photographers and I often find myself on the streets trying my hand at capturing small stories and brief glimpses of individual personalities when I can. Whilst being in my home … Continue reading Why Do You Bring That Fucking Camera on Every Night Out?

Snippets of the Streets

Humans are an interesting species, they all think that they know something special that another human doesn't, the problem is that they can never agree who knows and who doesn't. Every human differs, both physically and ideologically, they all have good parts and bad parts to their personalities, sometimes personalities and ideologies clash and arguments … Continue reading Snippets of the Streets