Where do you wake up?

Walking around Manchester at 5am Sunday morning I figured I'd do something unusually productive and take some pictures using my Minolta camera with Kodak ISO 400 film. I started taking pictures of objects and buildings before I noticed a few lifeless bodies lying around Piccadilly Gardens. The only people around that weren't finishing their night … Continue reading Where do you wake up?

Living for the Weekend and Nothing Much Else

That title is kinda catchy, You could print it on a T-Shirt or title your next album with it, you have my permission, just ensure to send me a giant sum of money when you do. Being back in Manchester is exactly what I expected, whenever I live here I end up poor, wasting my … Continue reading Living for the Weekend and Nothing Much Else

I Went to a Drug Fueled 18th in West Auckland

I met T pictured above in the streets of Auckland at around 3am on a Friday night, he was walking towards me with blood dripping down his head and I was walking towards him with my camera in my hand. I knew I was going to get a picture of him but what I didn't … Continue reading I Went to a Drug Fueled 18th in West Auckland

I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

My friend Rohanna had been pestering me for months to buy a ticket to the Meshuggah/Thy Art is Murder gig and I kept telling her that I was definitely going to buy one (I didn't). The day of the gig finally came and I figured I actually wanted to go. I messaged a couple of … Continue reading I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

The $100 Pot Brownie

Buying $100 worth of weed and sticking it in a brownie is both ambitious and downright sensible. Fortunately I live with a Colombian couple who both have worked in the food industry and know how to whip up some good eats, so when my flatmate suggested buying a ton of weed and sticking it in … Continue reading The $100 Pot Brownie

A Messy Auckland Evening

You know what's not a great idea? Drinking two bottles of wine before stepping outside to begin drinking. You know what is a great idea? Documenting the night with a camera when your legs barely function. It was my plan to take the night off from shooting and purposefully left my camera behind. but when … Continue reading A Messy Auckland Evening

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

I read an article before the start of January (not too different to this one) explaining why people find it so difficult to stick to their new years resolutions. I didn't make one this year because I knew that I was doomed to failure thanks to my meticulous study of my own personal history. The study … Continue reading New Year Resolutions Don’t Work