Where do you wake up?

Walking around Manchester at 5am Sunday morning I figured I'd do something unusually productive and take some pictures using my Minolta camera with Kodak ISO 400 film. I started taking pictures of objects and buildings before I noticed a few lifeless bodies lying around Piccadilly Gardens. The only people around that weren't finishing their night … Continue reading Where do you wake up?

The Food of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Thetsakan kin che or "The Vegetarian Festival" is celebrated all over Thailand, but not as intensely as it is in Phuket. For nine days the majority of the island is vegetarian. Everybody is dressed in white and the temples are heaving with prayers and the occasional sound of firecrackers. Before I post about the more … Continue reading The Food of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

TOYEN – I Shot A Student Fashion Exhibition

Had you asked me last month how likely it was that I would find myself interested in fashion photography I probably would have responded negatively with how difficult it can be to get into. What I hadn't expected is that I would be shooting dozens of people a week in a studio as regular work. … Continue reading TOYEN – I Shot A Student Fashion Exhibition

Fights, Football, Alcohol & Balloons on Khao San Road

One of the worst things is everybody is trying to get as drunk as possible whilst suffering from delicate egos and trying to maintain a delusional image that they have of themselves.

The cold blanket of depression

You don't have to be in a cage to feel hopeless Swallowing a tangy cheese and washing it down with a tasteful glass of red, for me is a momentary avoidance of thought. The senses are pleasured and distracted for a brief gulp, allowing an emptiness to be filled, a hole to be closed and … Continue reading The cold blanket of depression