Halloween is for Adults

An old friend invited me to their hallowed eve house party and I couldn't say no. Despite having been out on the Thursday following a Refused/Thrice gig followed by Satans Hollow (The best place in Manchester for Halloween, lets face it) and thinking that I could turn it up to 11 and do it harder … Continue reading Halloween is for Adults

Piha the Black Sand Beach of Auckland

Two or so hours drive west of Auckland you can find one of New Zealand's famous black sand beaches in a place named "Piha". Despite the obvious touristy location there is a noticeable lack of the usual tourist trappings in the area. Whether that's because the local government are against building on the natural land … Continue reading Piha the Black Sand Beach of Auckland

Landing in New Zealand

When I first arrived in New Zealand, I hated it. Auckland was raining and cold and the hostel I arrived at felt like it had been built from old wooden pallets. Draughty, no heating and sharing a room with four others on what felt like a prisoners mattress, I was miserable after having spent 2 … Continue reading Landing in New Zealand

Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

The Auckland races is the Grand National for New Zealand, minus the inevitable horse deaths thanks to the lack of hedge jumping. As is the case with all horse racing events, it's an excuse for women to wear stupid hats and for everybody to get drunk in the sun. Not to mention a way to … Continue reading Trying to Remember the Auckland Races

Guest Post: Chiang Mai in Black and White Film

Chiang Mai is one of the most interesting places I've had the pleasure of visiting. Whilst travelling S/E Asia I had the fortune of being able to work remotely for a company in New Zealand. Often times I would appreciate being alone whilst working which can be difficult when you're in a new place and … Continue reading Guest Post: Chiang Mai in Black and White Film

The Food of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Thetsakan kin che or "The Vegetarian Festival" is celebrated all over Thailand, but not as intensely as it is in Phuket. For nine days the majority of the island is vegetarian. Everybody is dressed in white and the temples are heaving with prayers and the occasional sound of firecrackers. Before I post about the more … Continue reading The Food of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

I went to the Pacific Island Music Awards

A Media Friend of mine invited me to shoot some local NZ celebs at the annual Pacific Island music awards. I met some really interesting people and the event itself felt kinda special. An awards ceremony specifically for Pacific Islander Musicians. Kinda like the MOBO awards but more kiwi. There was some great music being … Continue reading I went to the Pacific Island Music Awards

Shocking Thai Ladyboy Carnival Game

Despite public appearances of acceptance, the usage of trans women as targets of humiliation paints a slightly sinister picture suggesting underlying distaste which I felt the need to share.

Dark Images from Auckland’s Lantern Festival

Everybody likes lanterns, even more so everybody loves seeing images of an event half a year after it's happened, right? I have tens of thousands of images that I have taken but done nothing with. Maybe I'll spare minimal effort in making a coffee table book with dreams that a single person buys it so … Continue reading Dark Images from Auckland’s Lantern Festival

Imagination | Vietnamese Lantern Maker | Movie-Poster-Sized Print | Limited (25)

Limited to 25 copies, this movie-poster sized print is made from the highest quality glossy printing paper. This is only available in the UK.

This image invokes a sense of hope. Despite the beauty in the lanterns surrounding this man, it’s clear that he is imagining a better place for himself, a better life.

In my experience; it doesn’t matter where you go, what you earn or who you are, there is always something better in your imagination.

Fights, Football, Alcohol & Balloons on Khao San Road

One of the worst things is everybody is trying to get as drunk as possible whilst suffering from delicate egos and trying to maintain a delusional image that they have of themselves.

We bribed a guard to enter the abandoned water park in Huế, Vietnam

There's not much to do in Huế, there are temples if you're into that sort of thing, but after travelling through Thailand and Cambodia I'm temple'd-out. The only reason I wanted to visit was to take photos at the abandoned water park, you won’t find it listed in any of the official tours and tour agencies … Continue reading We bribed a guard to enter the abandoned water park in Huế, Vietnam

I Was Let Down by the K’Road Circus

In December last year I was informed K'Road was planning a street circus, somebody had told me that it only happens every couple of years so I was stoked, assuming it was something I had only one opportunity of seeing with me leaving Auckland in a few months. I had already stayed in Auckland for … Continue reading I Was Let Down by the K’Road Circus

Muay Thai in Pai

Pai is in far North West Thailand, it's where a lot of westerners go to train in Muay Thai including a couple of my friends who I had the pleasure of hanging out with for a week. With them staying in a Muay Thai gym for several months they had insider information on a series … Continue reading Muay Thai in Pai

A Street in Pattaya Shot with a Discarded Film Camera

My old flat mate used to work in home removals, removing furniture and junk to be taken to the dump. He would find some interesting items and knowing I liked cameras came home a couple of times and offered them to me, I snapped them up because why would I say no to a free … Continue reading A Street in Pattaya Shot with a Discarded Film Camera