it’s Time for change

As time passes, the less certain I become. I used to be sure, I used to have an absolute image in my mind that I had a future in photography. I'd scoff at people dropping their passion because if you just got at it enough I thought, you'd make it. Somebody would notice. The problem … Continue reading it’s Time for change

The Best Grunge Album You’ve Never Heard

The first time I heard '68s debut album was a couple of years after the initial release. I remember being blown the fuck away. I checked my phone to see who this 90s band I had never heard was. Turned out it was a relatively recent album by a mysterious, almost nameless band. Their track … Continue reading The Best Grunge Album You’ve Never Heard

Through the Roof with Vovan

Yesterday I met with Andy, owner and operator of Through the Roof, a small recording studio on the edge of Manchester near Salford Central station. Situated in an old hotel room, the recording booth is behind a false wall where a bathtub used to be. Andy has tons of experience in the music world having … Continue reading Through the Roof with Vovan


Being the cool kids in a room full of cool kids takes some effort, but Badcrop managed it with their dope set in Cassette Nine for the VICE Cassette Day party in Auckland. VICE Article on them HERE  

Skux Punk for VICE International Cassette Day

Tasked with shooting a punk rock band in a small music venue in the centre of Auckland City I headed out with little to expect but was rewarded with some wonderful creative talent, free beer and above all else, An ironic gift of a cassette mix tape that I couldn't listen to. The venue Cassette … Continue reading Skux Punk for VICE International Cassette Day

She Loves You

I miss gigs as much as anybody does. But specifically, I miss going to gigs in New Zealand, It really felt like a little club of alternative-music lovers. It felt underground and real. Everybody knew each other in some capacity but new-comers were welcomed with open arms. Pictured below are the incredibly sexy and talented … Continue reading She Loves You

Quickly Force WordPress Classic-Editor Permanently Prevent Block-Editor

If like me you prefer to use the classic editor and get frustrated when being taken to "Block Editor" when writing a new post, I have a really simple fix for you. All you need to do is redirect the "New post" link to the "Classic post" link in your browser. From: To: reading Quickly Force WordPress Classic-Editor Permanently Prevent Block-Editor

Covid is Hitting Thailand’s Dog Shelters Hard

Whilst living in Phuket I had the fortune of visiting one of the island's largest dog sanctuaries. As you can imagine Thailand is home to a lot of stray pups, known as "Soi Dogs" (Street dogs). I recently contacted Tina the owner of Bodhi Shelter and asked her how she is getting along with Covid … Continue reading Covid is Hitting Thailand’s Dog Shelters Hard

I’m Still Using Google’s Discontinued Picasa in 2020

Google's Picasa was first released in 2002 as a quick way to catalog and edit your photo's en-mass. In 2015 Google released their last update and have since replaced it with the now ubiquitous Google Photos. It works just like Adobe's Lightroom without all of the bells and whistles for editing and instead just gives … Continue reading I’m Still Using Google’s Discontinued Picasa in 2020

Where do you wake up?

Walking around Manchester at 5am Sunday morning I figured I'd do something unusually productive and take some pictures using my Minolta camera with Kodak ISO 400 film. I started taking pictures of objects and buildings before I noticed a few lifeless bodies lying around Piccadilly Gardens. The only people around that weren't finishing their night … Continue reading Where do you wake up?

Vegetarian Festival Face Piercings Phuket

If you have seen me since I returned back from Thailand I have probably shown you my work from the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket. I have been sat on these images for a long time, not knowing what to do with them. If I'm honest I wanted their debut to be in the physical form … Continue reading Vegetarian Festival Face Piercings Phuket

Black Lives Matter in MCR

Today I atteneded the Black Lives Matter protest in Manchester Piccadilly. I wrote on some cardboard to "Denounce Trump" expecting this protest to be in solidarity with our old friends over the atlantic but it was much more than that. I heard personal stories of friends and relatives who had died in the hands of … Continue reading Black Lives Matter in MCR

Product Photography with Misshandled Design

Moving into Salford was an exciting time for me last year, not just because I was hoping to re-live being burgled twice like I did the first time I lived in this burough. But because I was moving in with a talented, business-owning artist. I love the creative process as much as the other guy … Continue reading Product Photography with Misshandled Design