The secrets behind sexy picasso nfts

I’ve started a journey into creating and selling NFTs, being a creator and selling your work is always a minefield and finding the right people that want to be a part of what you’re doing is without a doubt the hardest element.

I am a photographer first and foremost. But looking at the market I can see that simply selling images is for the really big boys, and even they struggle. My idea is to make my work completely exclusive. I am selling my images with a veil of mystery, the real content can only be seen and unlocked by the owners of my NFTs. The content is completely exclusive to the NFT owner and can’t be seen by anybody else.

With every NFT I create, the real image (or “images” for the more exclusive mints), the collector will receive the original image as hidden, unlockable content. If the owner keeps the unlockable image to themselves, the mints will gain in value as more Sexy Picasso’s are created.

My intention is to create a new Sexy Picasso every day and put them up for auction. Garnering interest and putting my message out is going to be my biggest challenge.

Each “Sexy Picasso” is created with a unique process of digital artistry and sophisticated AI, the underlying images are professionally taken and edited prior to the Picasso Process. There are literal layers to every minting and each one can take up to 16 human hours to create from shooting to minting.

If anybody has any marketing experience with NFTs and appreciates what I am trying to do. I would happily take them on as a partner as I am at the very early stages of my journey.

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