Testing the Google Pixel 5 Camera on the Streets of Manchester

Recently I was lucky enough to have a combination of three great things. A new phone, a day off, and nice weather. I bought the Pixel 5 as an upgrade to my mid-range 2018 Samsung phone. Honestly, my main gripe with my old phone was the Micro-USB port being loose. Otherwise, my phone was great.

Playing with a new phone is always fun, but the Pixel 5 feels a bit special. What impressed me most apart from the ultra-wide-angle option, was the dynamic range. You can see below that some shots allow you to see both the darkest blacks and bright details in the clouds above. Usually, with tiny lenses and smartphones, you have to compromise, but I didn’t feel that was the case.

The super-wide lens (0.6) is also fantastic, it feels like having a fish-eye lens in your pocket at all times and it has so much potential for both goofy-fun shots and awe-inspiring landscapes.
Would I ever scrap my DSLR for a smartphone? No never, but I do feel really satisfied with my choice of phone.

Below are some quick shots I got for fun. I am no architectural-photographer but I did feel satisfied with the low effort involved with these quick shots.

Have a look down below and feel free to leave me a comment.

Pixel 5 Camera Test

St Trinity Church Manchester Google Pixel 5 Camera

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