I Didn’t Shoot an Illegal Party During Lockdown

If anybody asks, it wasn’t me, I wasn’t there. I actually lent my camera to a friend who then lent it to another friend before I got the camera back and saw these pictures. I don’t know anybody here. I didn’t get fed amazing vegan goat curry and vegan fried chicken. The police didn’t arrive only for everybody to go quiet and just pretend that nothing was going on inside the semi-detached house in Clayton. There wasn’t a convenient spotter situated at the other end of the street waiting for the police to leave before it kicked off again.

This didn’t even occur recently, no laws were broken, the lockdown was fully adhered to and these are actually really old images I have just now decided to publish to be edgy and ironic. If these pictures appear to be recent that’s because I have photoshopped the masks off people’s faces and made it seem like people were where they shouldn’t be. It took hours.

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