I just discovered the scratch and sniff PS1 disc that still smells good.

Recently I have taken to buying and selling old video games. I have done farely well from a profit standpoint but it’s not something I could make a living off without having 1000s of games in my inventory (I have around 200-400 at one time). I realised I had been collecting PS2 games and rarely playing them, I just enjoyed the act of buying the game, recieving it and inspecting it.

My ebay venture started when I saw 150 DVDs for sale on Facebook Marketplace for 30 quid. I figured that was too good to be true and decided there and then to list them individually for sale on ebay for a quick profit. I still have at least a hundred of those discs almost a year later and barely made anything from them. Apart from people no longer buying DVDs, to be competitive you have to price them really low and what sneaks up on you is the Paypal, Ebay and Postage fees. After some time I actually sat down and figured how much I was making and I was somehow losing money with each DVD that I had sent out.

Anyway, I didn’t give up and instead decided to diversify into an actual passion of mine, old school video games. Recieving a batch of PS1 games and going through them, carefully opening them so not to crack the case and look at the colourful booklets lets off a pungent sense of nostalgia which tends to be a pursuit of those unwilling to properly grow up.

I never owned Gran Turismo 2 when I was a kid so I was really surprised to learn that the developers (or lets be honest, the marketing department) had decided to create a scratch-n-sniff disc for the simulation mode disc.

With a caress of your fingernail, the strong smell of gasoline eminate sfrom the disc some 20 years later and I couldn’t have been happier discovering it. They had marketed it as a “racing pit smell” which I don’t doubt a racing pit smelling like fuel.

You can find my ebay shop here, please ignore all of the second hand sex toys.



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