Pasta and Cats – Three Days in Malta

Anybody who has seen me since I visited Malta will know that I utterly fell in love with the place. So much so  that I planned on moving there with Jess as soon as the opportunity arrose. Speaking with so expats in Malta I learned that it’s a bit of a tax haven and that gambling companies thrive there. They are always looking for English speaking workers to communicate with the rest of Europe.

Frustratingly I couldn’t get the money together in time to pull through with the plunge and I’m now stuck in the UK whilst Jess builds her new career for the forseeable. Whilst this is upsetting I would rather Jess build a future for herself in some meaningful way.

Whilst travel is incredibly cheap, I might consider looking at flights again in the near future, even if it’s just for another few days. I have been to italy before but I have never eaten pasta as good as the stuff I was eating on this small island. There is a real passion for food in Malta and I felt it to my core. We stayed in the old city Valetta, the capital of Malta for three days and barely ventured away from it. Every street was utterly beautiful and it truly was a dream to walk around admiring the smell of great food and petting the occasional chilled out cat.

The maltese language is a strange bastardisation of arabic and Italian, much like the people there. Everybody we met was incredibly welcoming and friendly, as they tend to be in tourist hot-spots.

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