Dark Images from Auckland’s Lantern Festival

Everybody likes lanterns, even more so everybody loves seeing images of an event half a year after it’s happened, right? I have tens of thousands of images that I have taken but done nothing with. Maybe I’ll spare minimal effort in making a coffee table book with dreams that a single person buys it so I can brag to strangers in bars that I published a book and sold every copy. 

Auckland for me has become a bittersweet memory. I felt that the friendships I had made on the other side of the planet had been real bonds. The kind that transcends time. But even as I’ve grown out of my twenties I’m learning more about the timelessness of everything. You can quote me on such phrases as “Everything is pointless” or “Everything is temporary” or even “Embrace the void because anything you create or do will inevitably be destroyed if not by the sun burning out but by human existence or time itself”. You know, fun, whimsical gems of insight that you can ponder with your Monday morning noose coffee.

Having had a friend from the southern hemisphere do a complete 180 out of nowhere is an awakening I guess I needed. All disagreements usually come down to money, and  this person owes me a lot of it. I now have to, as I have in the past, resort to legal threats and the studying of New Zealand legislation. I’ve won in the past and I will never lie down and let somebody screw me. Unless it’s been mutually agreed of course. 

I’m now stuck in the UK looking for work and gathering what scraps of money I have to get by so I am looking at ways to change my path towards bitter poverty.  To tie this post together, the appropriation of Chinese culture by Auckland City Council and 3rd party corporations trying to get their name out of the public with the below installations might fit the next chapter in my life story. My girlfriend and I are eyeing up China as our next destination. The money for English teachers can be very profitable and lets face it, it all comes down to money. Plus I could come back with something to put in a coffee book for elite arty types. 

Anyway, here’s some pretty pictures:

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