Imagination | Vietnamese Lantern Maker | Movie-Poster-Sized Print | Limited (25)

Limited to 25 copies, this movie-poster sized print is made from the highest quality glossy printing paper. This is only available in the UK.

This picture was taken during my time in Hoi An, Vietnam. This picture is completely candid, the subject was in no way instructed to pose this way. I waited in the rain to get this amazing shot, despite appearances this was a very busy market with people constantly admiring the lanterns and bartering with the shopkeeper. I had to be very patient, not only to get a clear shot, but to ensure my lens was dry and that the business-owner was in some-way photogenic.

This image invokes a sense of hope. Despite the beauty in the lanterns surrounding this man, it’s clear that he is imagining a better place for himself, a better life.

In my experience; it doesn’t matter where you go, what you earn or who you are, there is always something better in your imagination.


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