I went to the Auckland Weed Walk and Smoked a Tulip

Every person with no vested interest in putting petty criminals into a dysfunctional system agrees that weed should be legalised. Fortunately there are pro-active people out there putting up a fight on behalf of those who simply wont. I was notified via Facebook of a march down Queen Street (the main shopping street in Auckland) and figured I’d pay a visit, mainly to try and get some cool shots of protesters in Auckland but also to try and find some green (I failed). I ended up sending them to vice later that day, awkwardly they had already sent somebody to take pictures and do a write up but the editor thought my pics reflected the vibe a bit more so squeezed some of mine into the article.

The dude in the snap-back and shades below shared some of his bud with me so I got into the protesting spirit. The Kiwi’s protesting were pushing specifically for medicinal marijuana, rather than recreational. There were a number of talkers who had ailments they claimed to be alleviated with weed so whose to argue? Everybody knows by now that if you want pot to be legalised, you push the medicinal properties first and hope progress continues when voices are finally heard. Since this protest a few months back, New Zealand doctors can now prescribe cannabis to patients in need but there’s still a long way to go.

Some pics of the protest below.

Weed Walk-2Weed Walk-8Weed Walk-10Weed Walk-11Weed Walk-12Weed Walk-14Weed Walk-16Weed Walk-17Weed Walk-18Weed Walk-19Weed Walk-20Weed Walk-21Weed Walk-22Weed Walk-23Weed Walk-26

Have a peek at the Vice article here.

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