I Went to a Drug Fueled 18th in West Auckland

I met T pictured above in the streets of Auckland at around 3am on a Friday night, he was walking towards me with blood dripping down his head and I was walking towards him with my camera in my hand. I knew I was going to get a picture of him but what I didn’t expect is that he would ask me for it.
After getting the picture above I asked him how he’d managed to cut his head open and he proudly told me that after seeing foam wrapped around scaffolding poles he knew it was his duty to test out how soft it actually was by charging into it head first.
I added him on Facebook so I could send him the picture and told him that if he ever plans to do some crazy shit again he should message me so I can take pictures of it.
Fortunately he was keen and a few weeks later invited me to his friends 18th in West Auckland. West Auckland is a notorious place full of loose girls and loose cunts. T welcomed me to the party and immediately offered me an array of stuff of which I was party to but he couldn’t seem to find them in his giant pink onesie. He told me how he had bought 200 NOS cartridges from the UK specifically for this party and how the shipment didn’t show up, I said it could have been customs, he agreed.
The party was an 18 year olds wet dream; stupid clothes, a ton of pizza, a strobe light, free reign of a sound system and free beer. Walking around I felt completely alienated. It could be the fact that I was way too sober to be there after being 7 days into a dry month or it could have been that I wasn’t gurning my tits off.
One thing that struck me was that I was a minor celebrity at the party, T had told his close friends that I was coming, that I worked for Vice and that I had taken the above picture. I had several kids quiz me on how I get ‘good’ pictures. One consistent theme of the party was to approach me and ask if I take pictures of cars. Apparently in West Auckland there’s a growing car scene and I’m guessing the kind of pictures they want of their cars aren’t intended for Auto-Trader.
After a few hours of realising how old and sober I was despite inhaling a balloon full of NOS I headed off back home but it’s a night I’m unlikely to forget any time soon.
Edit: The host of the party was not aware of or a supplier of any illegal substances and the taking of any illegal substances was committed by a minority. Some information has been removed.


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