I Blagged Entry to the Heaviest Band I’ve Ever Seen

My friend Rohanna had been pestering me for months to buy a ticket to the Meshuggah/Thy Art is Murder gig and I kept telling her that I was definitely going to buy one (I didn’t). The day of the gig finally came and I figured I actually wanted to go. I messaged a couple of people in a Facebook group and managed to find a guy selling a ticket for $70 ($20 less than the original price). Which for me, was still pretty expensive considering I didn’t really know much from either band.
I decided to contact the support act Thy Art is Murder via Facebook, and asked if they would like me to shoot pro-bono in exchange for a ticket. They replied within an hour and I was on the guest list! Sometimes all you need to do is ask.
Thy Art is Murder is legitimately the heaviest band I have ever seen, each track more brutal than the last. Meshuggah lacked range between songs and just didn’t provide the punch that the opening act provided so ended up leaving before they had finished.
I will definitely be seeing Thy Art again if I happen to share a city with them in the future.









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