The $100 Pot Brownie

Buying $100 worth of weed and sticking it in a brownie is both ambitious and downright sensible. Fortunately I live with a Colombian couple who both have worked in the food industry and know how to whip up some good eats, so when my flatmate suggested buying a ton of weed and sticking it in a brownie, I was all ears. I wish I could give you a step by step recipe for this beauty but I think the pictures can tell you more than I can remember.
The brownie ended up being more of a soft cake than a bite-able brownie but dear god was it delicious and potent, it lasted a few days and even the last couple of slices smelled dank. When consuming edibles it can take over an hour to kick-in. Don’t sit there after 45 minutes and assume that it hasn’t taken effect and divulge in two more or you’re gonna have a bad time (or have the best night/days sleep you’ve ever had).
Below is the first time I have manually edited the colour in my images. Rather than using presets and sliders I opted for nothing but curves. It took a lot longer to edit them but I’m satisfied with the results.
Anyway, enjoy!
















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