Maori Clubs are Underrated

Most people go to clubs for one of three reasons: To get laid, to get drunk, or to innocently dance.
I tend to only be interested in observing the chaos of these three interest groups collide.  I recently ended up in a Maori club on K’road (Le Box) and couldn’t have been happier. Everybody changes after a beer but there was something about this bar in particular that brought out the contrast in these three groups. There were a bunch of obviously drunk dudes purposefully looking intimidating to anybody who would make eye contact with them, (I put my drink down for a minute and when I turned back it had been stolen). There was a bunch of peacocks focusing on nothing but their genitalia’s needs, using the music as an excuse to slut-drop and grind on anything that moved and there were the humble yet necessary group who wanted nothing other than loud R’n’B and a good vibe.
By the end of the night, my people watching taste buds were satisfied.

Somebody shit in the sink. No biggie.

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