Drowning Pool X Armed in Advance

This blog is now fully endorsed and sponsored by Armed in Advance™ any and all opinions will be pre-approved by AiA and all profits (LOL) will be filtered through the Armed in Advance team. 
I’m joking obviously but I appear to be fan-girling AiA considering I’ve covered them three times now. Their most recent gig was the biggest crowd I’ve seen them with so far supporting Drowning fucking POOL (Let the bodies hit the.. tish tish tish… FLOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!!! ). The Kings Arms in Auckland is one of the coolest live music bars I’ve been to here, a huge open space for the crowd with the bar running along side with a large heated outdoor area.  
AiA were perfectly cast for the supporting role, they set the tone for the evening, played perfectly including their new track Same Old Story and did NZ proud with their post-grunge, heavy rock set. Drowning Pool blew the night away, everybody was excited to see one of Nu-Metals greatest bands completely fuck shit up. I was fortunate to speak to some of the DP guys the night before at Ding Dong lounge, unfortunately I was several gin’s deep and didn’t really have much to say to them except that they ‘should totally should check out this sweet island off Australia maaaan’. 
From beginning to end Drowning Pool got the bodies hitting the ceiling and unsurprisingly, the floor. There’s definitely a Nu-Metal revival coming, outside of the older dudes playing the same old songs, Nu-Metal no longer seems to be a guilty pleasure. Hip Hop has reined the twenty-teens but in Auckland at least, there’s a metal/punk/rock resurgence and I’m going to enjoy every moment documenting (and helping, watch this space) it happen. 
















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