I Shot The Vice X Levi’s Launch Party in Auckland

I was honoured to be invited to shoot the NZ Vice party, shooting+Vice is very much me in my happy place. To polish it off there was free Budweiser and Tequila, I couldn’t find the guy handing out the free Levi’s unfortunately but he was definitely in there somewhere. Vice managed to source the coolest venue, an old (and possibly current on other nights) strip club and the dopest music, as was expected.
The head editor for Vice NZ DJ’d the first portion of the night showing his impeccable taste to a pleased crowd. The dude pictured below we suspected was the actual DJ for the night but it turned out he was a security dude wearing Beats in a defunct DJ booth. The night consisted of Vomit, Crowd Surfing, plenty of posing in fresh denim and the best young post-punk bands this side of the equator. Billed were the experimental and wavy Surf Friends followed by the cool af Miss June (I still have their chorus ‘You think you’re so fucking cool’ stuck in my head) ending with the incredibly charismatic Dune Rats. An awesome Thursday night and a fucking awful Friday morning at work the next day.
Take note of the vomit soaked drum kit of the Dune Rat’s BC recent abdominal excursion. I had walked up through the VIP room onto the back of the stage to take a couple of shots when my nostril hairs burst into flames to realise only too late that I was stood waaaay too fucking close to BC when he decided to start a new track. The vibration of the drum skins causing tiny particles of vomit to fly everywhere almost had me making my own donation to the half digested food.
If throwing up on your own drum kit to then continue playing isn’t punk, I don’t know what is.
Here’s a link to the Noisey article featuring some cherry picked images from below.






































































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