Koh Phi Phi is Paradise

Writing words on an article is super important, it fills out the space between the title of the article and the images shown below. I’m currently filling a void that needs to be filled, like the void in your life, staring blankly at a screen salivating at the thought of lush images of an island far away.
It’s not that far, we have giant fucking metal tubes that you sit in and fly through the sky whilst you watch the latest Seth Rogan film in a foreign language and eat a microwave meal. Save your pitiful allowance and experience the world because your vision narrows when you stay static and your inevitable future is a void.
You might recognise “The Beach” (from “The Beach”) and a woman deciding to get a bamboo tattoo for some reason, it looked painful, YOLO I guess.
Phi Phi expects you to be asleep during the day, it wants and begs you to, sunlight is for the needy, those crippled by a desire to display their Caucasian yearning for leisure by virtue of skin darker than a toasted crumpet unlike the polar Asian lust of a light coating exhibiting a lifetime of luscious office slavery.
The night life of Phi Phi is what you expect, drinking too much, smoking too much and absorbing the island’s life force until you throw up, Phi Phi has an energy that can only go fulfilled when transfiguring your attitude to a fully functioning douche. Sometimes becoming the douche you’ve always wanted to be can be enlightening. Embrace your inner douche.

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