Stupid, Drunk, Sunburned and Burnt

Getting older you doubt yourself, you think, ‘am I still cool’? The worst way to test this is to get completely fucked up after spending an entire day in the Thai sun, joining in a fire dancers fire limbo and standing up when you’re half way through.
He wasn’t cool, he was an old fool the liquor blinding him of any foresight.
Once proving to himself and everybody around him of his dull-wittedness it was time for round two, seeking the approval of the young muscle-bros surrounding him he suggested to one of the fire dancers that they pick him up and carry him under the pole of pain.

The Thai fire dancer replied by pointing his finger to his own temple and twisting his finger, the language barrier broken yet the information not sinking in to the aging human torch he continued to crawl under the flames.

The following morning he was  walking down the streets in the baking sun lacking a shirt, his wound exposed, I can only assume he cracked open a morning Chang and drank through the pain.
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