I Submitted My Cat To The Internet and They ‘Shopped it

Submitting anything to the deepest of darkest webs can be risky but sometimes it can surprise you, I submitted the image below to /r/photoshopbattles on Reddit and the internet provided.
The picture was taken a couple of years ago with my Nokia when Kiki moved house from a city flat (where she wasn’t allowed outside) to a regular street in a smaller town, this was the first time she was let outside, we kept leaving the door open for her and she refused to go outside, so after a few weeks of waiting I figured I’d throw her in the deep end and shut the door behind her, below was her reaction.
She now loves being outside but does that annoying cat thing of constantly coming in and out to try and make you leave the window/door open for her.
Anyway, check out the ridiculous and amazing images below.
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