I Got Wasted and Pretended to Be a Club Photographer on Halloween

During the entirety of October I didn’t drink, some call it ‘Stoptober’ and raise money for charity, I call it a challenge and don’t try to pretend that I’m doing it for anybody else. I knew I wasn’t going to go through the entirety of October without a tipple because the greatest day of the year lands the day before November and there’s no way I’m going to be sober then.

The problem with not drinking for a while is not only do you lose your tolerance but if you’re a goldfish like myself you forget how much you can handle so when arriving at my friends flat I promptly cracked open a bottle of whiskey and finished most of it before we got to Deadbolt Manchester.

A highlight was spotting a friend who pulled the ol’ switcheroo telling us he definitely wasn’t going to be there and surprising us all, my simple drunken brain exploded in the brilliance of his elaborate scheme. Following this memorable moment, I go to the bar, get a beer and that’s where the night turns into nothing, I’m drawing a total blank because by that point I was shit-faced.

Looking at the pictures at the end of the night I clearly decided to abandon everybody I know and become a club photographer, if only I got paid for acting like a drunken twat.

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