I Used an East German Camera With a Decade Old Roll of Film

Charity shops hold lots of treasure if you’re willing to find it and fortunately I once came across a beautiful camera, the Praktica MTL 3 and haven’t really used it until recently after getting bored of my current DSLR, a Nikon D300 (it’s just not good enough).
I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so photography is my way of rebelling against my self, I know the rules of photography and I want to bend and warp them in a vague hope of getting something interesting in the process that I can share with you.
I bought a roll of film of which had a sell-by-date of almost a decade ago in a camera shop in Manchester (£5 for two) and went snapping around town, below are some of the pictures. Amazingly they seem to have a sepia effect, the images below have been digitally scanned in the shop and then put onto USB, I have a physical copy of the images (which imo look much better than on a screen) weirdly, the images are all flipped, I have a feeling the photo developer messed up but it makes me like them even more.






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