Digital Photography Fuck Ups Are Unmistakeably Art

Getting drunk as fuck in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on a Wednesday evening is generally a bad idea, most of the bars are dead and you have to face 8 hours of torture the following day questioning the meaning of existence and if the inventor of fluorescent lights had yet been brutally murdered. I plan to abstain from alcohol for the next month and cleverly figured I’d go out with a bang, dragging some great friends along with me.
I recently bought a Nikon D300 after very little research which is more expensive than my previous D3100 with little justification, it’s heavier, bigger, 10x more complicated to use (needlessly) and a very slight improvement (according to reviews) in taking pictures in low light conditions, so I took this as “turn the ISO to the minimum and forget about it when drunk”.
Having the ISO low is great for bright conditions and having it high in dark light can cause noise which is best avoided, regardless of this I thought that ‘Aperture Priority’ mode would control the ISO for me, being an idiot I never thought to check which resulted in me being confused as to why it’s taking forever to take a picture causing a blurring effect (the shutter stays open for longer to compensate the lack of light).
To make matters worse I stuck a cheap screw-on lens onto the front of my existing lens which made it impossible to focus on anything including the price of drinks in the Northern Quarter sending the paper in my wallet to an early grave.
Either way, being drunker than Donald Trump on a campaign trail with a useless fucking camera can create some interesting effects, oddly reminiscent of my Film Photography Fuck Ups.








No tits this time though, sorry.

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