Spot the Non-White Guy at the Vince Staples Leeds Fest Set (Video)

Vince Staples is the underground hip hop fans Kendrick Lamar, since I heard his latest album Summertime 06 I can’t stop listening to it, rapping along to the line “I ain’t never ran from nuttin’ but the police”  believing in my heart for it to be true (it’s not) followed by my repping for “Norfside Long Beach” ( I don’t know where that is). Either way, I visited his set at Leeds festival raising gun fingers whenever his DJ dropped random “bang bang” sound fx alongside the whitest youngest crowd that has ever been seen in front of any rapper ever (excluding Vanilla Ice and any lead singer from a Nu-Metal band).

I recorded a snippet of the crowd for your dissection.

Listen to the tune mentioned above, below.


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