Bring Me The Horizon Know How To Hype a Crowd (Video)

Before BMTH steps on stage, a steward in a fluorescent green waistcoat steps onto stage and announces that he must highlight some health and safety information, unsurprisingly his utterance was received with a hail of boo’s by the crowd who were already covered in bruises from Alexisonfire who played prior.

What followed was a fantastic animated video highlighting the likelihood of death or injury whilst participating at a BMTH event and if you leave unscathed you didn’t do it right.

The video below I recorded after the animation finished and the after effects of intense hype, note the guy with the umbrella and the guy in the fur coat, the alternative music scene has seriously changed over the past decade and it’s great seeing people from all kinds of backgrounds enjoying seriously heavy music.

Below you can see the awesome animation intro some clever soul recorded at Reading the day before. Frankly, if you can find a better band intro (heavily inspire by the brutal cult Adult Swim animation Metalocalypse) then I’ll be seriously impressed.
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