I Went to the Cat Café in Melbourne

On the corner of a uninspiring street on the edge of the Melbourne CBD there’s a small building which upstairs is home for over a dozen rescue cats, they live in feline paradise having every possible need catered for. What I found most endearing when visiting the Melbourne Cat Café was how docile and friendly the cats were to the human visitors and their whiskered amigos. That might have had something to do with the calming pheromone plug-ins dotted about but I like to imagine that the cats have reached a zen like tranquillity that they choose not to deviate from.

In the café there are four rooms all filled with simple cat pleasures including this tiny bed next to a fireplace complete with scratching post.

Some of the cats clearly remember their early years but are they simply wearing rose tinted spectacles?



This is a full-sized cat wheel, it seemed a little too heavy for any cat to actually use but the idea was nice.

One eyed Larry fetched toy mice if you threw them for him.

Is this paradise?

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