I Went to Soundwave Festival Sober

I never thought getting drunk at a festival would be difficult

I went to a Punk/Metal festival with the hopes of capturing some interesting people, two things that I have learned over the weekend:
I should buy a new lens for my camera because the majority of photos I thought would turn out great weren’t focused on my subject. This is down to the fact that the photos I was taking were purely candid and when 1000’s of people are walking around and jumping up and down, it’s incredibly difficult to have the camera focus for the exact moment you want to capture an image.
The other thing I learned was that it really helps to be drunk if you want to take photos of interesting people with or without their permission. The festival was a pretty dry occasion as the beer was very expensive and pretty weak, not to mention that they had made it impossible to sneak alcohol in. Other than that I did manage to get a few images I like and you can see them below.

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