"People Need To Stop Staring At Screens"


Uttered by a 30 year old English guy in my room at a hostel in Melbourne, he gave me a lovely lecture about how “people these days don’t talk, they just stare at their screens, the other day I was on a train smiling at somebody trying to sell hello and they just replied “Hi” and went back to their phone.” I of course was sat staring at my laptop when he stumbled across this original thought provoking philosophy. I gave him a “yeah” and went back to staring at my screen. Maybe the person on the train didn’t want to talk to a grinning lunatic?

What he doesn’t realise is that in my opinion we have spoken plenty and my only way to escape his dull egocentric verbalisations is to stare at my screen and hope he doesn’t talk. I’m far from an introvert, I love speaking to people, but some people don’t take a breath to listen and if you can’t listen, you can’t have a conversation, you’re a radio stuck on a station that nobody can change and won’t turn off.

There is definitely an over saturation of face to screen time but sometimes staring at a screen is the better option; if you’re the one noticing it and verbalising it you might be the reason why.

Whoever smelt it dealt it.

I am fully aware of the irony of me writing this and having taken pictures of people I was with, staring at screens, 84% of my anecdotes are cat related, some people don’t get cats.

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