Photographic Proof of K’gari on Fraser Island?

It’s no secret that Fraser Island is one of my favourite places in the world so far. Part of the reason for this could be that our guide strongly believed in the Aboriginal stories and legends surrounding the island. He explained that the indigenous people called Fraser Island “K’gari” (pronounced “gurri”) meaning “paradise”.
The legend of K’gari is that she was a beautiful white spirit sent from the gods to help create the island, K’gari formed the rocks, the slopes, the lakes and all of the natural beauty on the island tirelessly. Yendingie whom was sent to make the sea and the shores saw how hard she had been working and told her to sleep in the sea on some rocks he had made, when she woke she realised how beautiful and perfect the island was and promptly fell in love with it and asked Yendingie to let her stay forever. He said no because she needs to help the gods in the sky but after much more pleading Yendingie agreed and the gods turned her from a spirit into the island itself along with beautiful flowers and shimmering pools of water so that she could look up into the sky and keep watching them. The gods added people and birds to keep her company.
Now I’m obviously not one to believe in spirit islands etc but after a friend at work showed me a picture she had taken when she was much younger as proof of a ghost it made me think that some people might find these images I took on the island interesting.


Both me and Donna have taken almost 2000 pictures using this camera and plenty of them have been in and around water/facing direct sunlight and never has this strange beam of light appeared.

This particular spot on Fraser Island is known as the Champaign Pools because of the wonderful sparkling effect that the water gives off as the waves pour over into the rock pool.

Could this be the spot where K’gari slept? Is her spirit still alive and strong on the island metamorphosing in ways that we can’t comprehend but only a glimmer can be seen through technology more powerful than our own eyes?



It’s probably just a bit of sun glare but that’s for you to decide.

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