Halloween Themed Office Decorations

At Careers Australia, once a month each team is encouraged to decorate their pods based on a season theme, this month it was Halloween and our team decided to go full Walking Dead. With a budget of 0 Dollars and not too much time to spend on setting them up, you can forgive the amateurish styling of the outcome but you have to admire the creativity that goes into it.
We attempted to make the innards look as close to the prison in season three as we possibly could.
Left 4 Dead fans might recognise some of the graffiti we wrote on the prison walls.
all of the zombie make-up was created by Jamie (above) and she came in despite being really sick (probably infecting the infected in the process, for bonus points of course).
Our main rivals went for a serial killer theme, with each desk being a different kind of killer.
Crazy-cat-ladies can be pretty blood thirsty.


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